Parent Participation

All parents want the best for their children.  We all want our children to enjoy school and learn the academic and life skills that they will need to lead successful adult lives.

By becoming involved with the school and the school community we demonstrate to our children that education is valuable to us.  This involvement helps to inspire our children to take school seriously and work hard.  By helping to ensure that our children complete their homework and do quality work, we teach them about the importance of taking responsibility for learning.  By participating in whole school events such as Open House, concerts, and clean up days, we teach our children that friendship and relationships to community and family are valuable; we demonstrate respect for the school and for the accomplishments of its students.  We help them learn to take pride in their accomplishments, and we push them to grow.  Whenever we take time out of our busy lives to spend time in the classroom working with our children and their peers, we show children that many adults care about them and want them to grow and succeed.  When we work with other students, other teachers, and other classes as well as participating in food drives, toy drives, and fund raisers, we demonstrate compassion for those who need our help and assistance.  By coming to school events even though we may not know many of the other families, the school system may be different from the one in which we grew up,  and English may be difficult for us to understand, we demonstrate the courage to take risks and do what is right for our children .

When we invest energy in out children’s education, they respond by working harder themselves.  When we invest energy in our children’s school, the school becomes a better place for learning and a better place for children.  And isn’t that what we all want?