Playground rules

Rules For Using The Playground

Play Structure:

  • No tag or chasing on or around the play structure equipment.
  • No jumping from play structure platforms.


  • All slides should be "feet first". Students may not walk/climb up slides.
  • One student at a time.

Monkey bars:

  • One student at a time going one direction.
  • Students are not to be sitting on top of the monkey bars.


  • Soccer/kick balls should be used in the basketball or field areas of the playground.
  • Stay clear of organized games.


  • Students may be on the infield of the ballpark if they are participating in an organized game. Games of tag are allowed in the grass area only.
  • Students may not go into the bleacher or blacktop areas of the field.
  • Students play touch football on the grass area of the ballpark. If the play in this game becomes too rough, we will discontinue.
  • Students are only allowed in the Monta Loma Park if they are supervised.


  • Any equipment checked out from the classroom or equipment area is to be returned to the storage location by the student who checked it out.
  • All equipment is to be used in a safe and cooperative manner. Unsafe or disruptive use will result in loss of privileges in using equipment or participating in organized play situation.
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