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Monta Loma Elementary Suggested School Supply List

While schools are responsible for providing all basic supplies, the principal and teachers ask to please consider supporting our school and classrooms with a contribution of school supplies.

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Kindergarten Supply List
6 LARGE SIZE / BEGINNING Ticonderoga brand pencils
2 sets Crayola Classic Color washable markers (wide tip)
4 Large Elmer glue Sticks
3 dry erase markers [Expo], Chisel Tip
6 dry erase markers [Expo], Fine Tip- black
1 ream of copy paper
2 containers Wet Ones unscented hand wipes
1 container Clorox Disinfecting wipes
1 box of Kleenex tissue
1 box gallon-size Ziploc bags or
1 box sandwich ziploc bags
One bottle of antibacterial foaming hand soap
2 crayola Watercolor paint trays
2-6 Highlighters
1 fiskars blunt tip kid scissors
1 box 24 set Crayola Crayons

1st Grade supply list
1 set Crayola washable markers-wide tip
1 set Crayola washable markers-fine tip
2 boxes Crayola crayons (24/box)
4 erasers-Magic Rub-large
1 pack pencil top erasers
4 glue sticks
1 box colored pencils
1 box facial tissues
1 package baby wipes
4 plastic folders, with pockets—2 red; 2-yellow
1 pack of 4 dry erase fine tip—black [Expo]
1 pack of 4 dry erase chisel tip—black [Expo]
1 pack of 4 dry erase chisel tip—assorted color [Expo]
1 pencil box-plastic (8.25”x5.25”x2)
1 box gallon size storage bags or 1 box quart size storage bags
3 dozen Ticonderoga sharpened pencils
2 yellow highlighters
1 package 3x5 index cards
1 cylinder of disinfecting wipes
1 wide-rule composition notebook
1 small package Post-Its

2nd Grade Supply List
1 Box - Crayons, 24 count
1 Box - Crayola Washable Markers, wide tip, 8 count
3 Sturdy Plastic Folders, solid colors with pockets
2 doz. Pencils #2, sharpened, Ticonderoga brand
1 Stanford Magic Rub Erasers
1 cylinder disinfecting wipes
3 (4packs) White Board Markers, Expo black fine tip
2 Spiral Notebooks, wide rule
1 Pair scissors
1 Small plastic pencil box (8”x5”)
2 yellow highlighters
2 composition notebooks
1 Ream - copy paper 8 1/2 x 11 white
1 Box Kleenex tissues

3rd Grade Supply List
3 Magic Rub Erasers "chunk eraser"
6 Spiral notebooks 8 1/2 x 11, 70 pages
3 Sturdy Folders, plain colors - green, blue, red etc. (not paper thin)
1 Set - Crayola Water Color Markers, 8 count, wide and/or fine tip
1 Set - Crayola Crayons, 16 count
1 Set - Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 count
6 dz. Pencils, sharpened
8 Black Expo pens- fine tip
10 Glue sticks (Elmers is best)
4 Pack - Post-Its, sticky notes 3"x3"
1 Pack - White Board Markers, Expo Brand, Asst colors
3 Yellow Highlighter
2 Boxes Kleenex
2 Containers of baby wipes (not antibacterial)
1 small plastic pencil box
1 pair of scissors
4 Composition notebook
1 ream of wide-ruled paper
1 package of blue pens
1 Ream Copy paper

4th Grade Supply List
1 Set Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 count
2 Elmers Glue Sticks
3 Spiral Notebooks, 70 pages, wide ruled (1 of each red, blue, yellow, green, or purple-no designs
3 Solid Color Folders with pockets (1 of each red, blue, yellow, green, or purple-no designs and no
prongs please)
1 Pair Scissors
8 Black Expo pens- fine tip
1 Pencil sharpener with cover
4 Boxes of Number 2 pencils pre-sharpened
1 Reams - Binder Paper, wide ruled (500 sheets)
2 highlighters of any color
3 Magic Rub Erasers
3 Packs Post-Its, sticky notes 3"x3" any color
1 Container Baby-Wipes
1 BX Scotties Facial Tissue, 'Scotties', Hypo-Allergenic, 200 Ct.
1 Binder 1” with pockets
1 pencil box/pouch for supplies

5th Grade Supply List (same as last year)
1 PK Folders, 2 Pocket, 2Pk, Be/Rd
1 SET Crayola Pencils, Colored, 7", Sharpened, 12/Set
1 DZ Dixon Pencils, #2, Ticonderoga, Unsharpened, Dz
2 PK Filler Paper, College Rule, 10.5" x 8", 120/Pk
2 EA Elmer's Glue Stick, Wash, All Purp, Acid Free, White, .21oz.
1 PK Expo 2 Markers, Dry Erase, Fine, Low Odor, Asst Colors 4/Pk
1 PK Notebook, Spiral, WR, 70Ct, Blue/Red
1 BX Scotties Facial Tissue, 'Scotties', Hypo-Allergenic, 200 Ct.
1 Sturdy accordion folder with 6-7 pockets

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